John and deb's​ place

Prepare To Be Pampered

Private, Romantic & Loaded with Ammenities 

Although the building dates to 1884, our guest rooms are far from outdated. Dr. Thorsen and his wife Dianna worked for years partially restoring the second floor which is now John and Deb’s Place. When we purchased the building in late 2013, all the walls had been replastered  and wallpapered. Three bathrooms were all decorated with marble floors and all had jacuzzi tubs installed. Other than that we had a wide open canvas to create the most luxurious lodging experience that Shullsburg has to offer. We installed a whole house water filtration system, water softeners and a large enough reserve hot water tank that there should never be a cold shower. (unless you need one of course)

These rooms are huge. 12 foot ceilings and 9 foot windows add to the grandness. Even with king size beds, mini fridges and other furnishings, there is plenty of room to stretch out, do some yoga or even have an in-room massage.

Privacy will never be an issue. Our rooms are located in completely opposite corners of our 2000 square foot guest house. Both have foyers who's  solid hardwood doors can be closed  for added solitude. Children are welcome and can be accommodated when Doc Hanifa's room is rented as a suite. However to assure our other guests (who may be looking for a child free stay) complete satisfaction, when traveling with children, the suite will not have access to the common areas or common bath. At a combined 540 plus square feet this is a perfect option for families.

Modern amenities meet old world charm. Keeping the historic feel is very important to us. That is the most attractive part about the city of Shullsburg. We do love our new world technology though and have found that others do as well. This is why we have strived to balance the two. It's kinda cool looking through the original wavy leaded glass windows while sipping a cup of tea from your Kuerig machine and surfing the web on our wireless internet.

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​Click Photo To Enter room

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