Crooked Canvas Events Calendar

Being a small mom and pop operation has it’s advantages. While living on the premisses has even more.  At this time we do not have set daily open and closed hours. We have found that most of our painters know in advance that they will be coming so we have created this calendar as a reference to what’s happening at the Crooked Canvas. As people contact us to let us know that they are coming and what they would like to paint, we will add it to the calendar so that you may choose to join them (if it’s not a private party) or choose a date and painting that fits your needs. Remember that it only takes 10 painters or more to have your own exclusive private painting party. However there is no minimum required for you to come paint with us. Just look for an open date and time on our calendar and give us a shout. Even though you may see an event on a specific date, it is very important that you Contact Us to RSVP. We want to be sure we are fully prepared for you or your group.